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We understand how difficult it can be to navigate the complex world of tax issues, challenges, and strategies. Each member of our team is dedicated to informing, educating, and empowering our clients through every stage in their journey.

Don Deans

Don Deans

Managing Director and Tax Strategist, CPA, PFS

Don has supported individual and corporate clients as a CPA for more than 40 years and as a registered representative for 18 years. Don has his BSIR and MBA from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.

He began his career at Haskins & Sells in 1974 and was a partner at Deloitte Haskins & Sells from 1985-1990. In 1996, Don joined the financial services sector. He holds FINRA licenses 6, 7, 63, 65 and 24.

Don is a nationally recognized speaker, published author, and thought leader in the accounting and finance communities. His guidance has been sought out by the Journal of Accountancy, Hartford Business Journal, and statewide CPA magazines in Connecticut, Georgia and North Carolina. Don is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), NC Association of CPAs (NCACPA) and the Georgia Society of CPAs (GSCPA). You can find his articles published by the Georgia Society of CPAs at

Don resides in Charlotte, NC with his wife Kim and their three children, Will, James and Lauren. He also has three adult daughters, Mary Kathryn, Elizabeth, and Rebekah, as well as five grandchildren. Whether pursuing a thorough due diligence review before recommending a new product for a specific tax obligation, or dancing the night away at a Hornets game, Don Deans goes beyond what is comfortable to get the job done – all while enjoying life and the people he meets.



John Carroll

John Carroll

Aging Strategist, Canyon Leaping Guide, Researcher & Educator

With decades of experience across multiple industries and continents, John Carroll is an internationally recognized leader in guiding strategy formulation and process intervention using collaboration and decision-making technologies. John now helps to improve and develop strategies for non-profit organizations, and for product sponsors, B/Ds and other firms involved in financial services.

John’s strategic planning process, Canyon Leaping, leverages technologies for virtual team collaboration and the use of anonymous participation, enabling leadership teams to plan from the vision side, resulting in successfully implemented plans that are developed in collaboration with the people who must implement them.

After learning strategic planning at IBM in the 70’s, and becoming Director of Financial Institution Consulting at Deloitte where he first teamed with Don Deans, John helped bring sophisticated market research and planning to industries serving the then emerging senior markets in the ’80s. John led efforts to design innovations in housing, care, and financial services for seniors.  25 or so years ago, when colleague Dr. Jack Lord brought together 25 experts in healthcare, John was the sole voice for geriatric care.  John also put everyone on laptops, for the first time for almost all.

A recognized thought leader, John co-authored the paper “Strategic Planning in Geriatric Care Organizations” in 1987 with Professor Brown Whittington.  This was the first paper Aspen allowed to use the terms “strategic planning” and “marketing” as prior to this, these were considered unethical practices in healthcare.  This led to a series of seminars focused on business opportunities in an aging society, presented to organizations such as the Center for Creative Retirement at UNC Asheville, the American Society on Aging, the American Bankers Association, and the National Investment Conference for Senior Housing and Care Industries (NIC).

After learning and teaching what helped at the end of life, John turned to future elders who we call children who were and are in greater need and by helping will have a lifetime of improved life.  This led to efforts such as The Atlanta Project for the Carter Center and IBM, and the Georgia Children’s Initiative.  Earlier this century, teaming with Dr. Paul Kurtin, John helped bring together the pediatric community (ABP, AAP, NACHRI, CHCA), led by Dr. Paul Miles, to improve quality of care in our nation’s pediatric hospitals.

Around the turn of the century (always catches people when you say that), John served as the lead instructor to over 700 Deloitte partners and managers on assessing the risks inherent in the strategic plans of audit clients, and how to build trust in frayed client relationships.

John’s 40+ years as a strategist also helps inform Deans Consulting clients’ strategies: solutions for businesses and non-profits, helping advisors and retiring couples alike “do the numbers”, planning out retirement income strategies, and teaching CPAs about complex tax strategies.

Upon learning of John’s earlier work serving The Greatest Generation, Don Deans and colleague Matt Tarkenton challenged John to update what he was teaching years ago and compare and contrast the aging of the Baby Boomers and younger generations with the Greatest Generation.  Aging and Your Mind is the first in a series of presentations.