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Deans Consulting is dedicated to helping businesses, professionals, and individuals navigate the complex world of tax issues, challenges, and strategies.

We speak, write, and consult on:


  • Tax strategies
  • Business growth and development
  • Aging and retirement



Getting Busy with Passive Activity

You might wonder why we are addressing this issue some thirty years after its implementation. Well folks, we have found that the level of understanding of passive activity is woefully lacking.


Ease Tax Burdens with Easements

Simplistically, a conservation easement is a donation of a qualified property interest to a qualified conservation organization for conservation purposes.  Now, let’s get into the details.


Our Process

The Deans Consulting process works by bringing viable, yet underutilized tax strategies to high income people and those who serve them.


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“Don is a footnote reader. He finds opportunities in them. From the way he articulates this information, I have grown my business and provided my clients with ideas that my competition hasn’t contemplated yet.”

Spencer Hill

University Retirement Specialist

“I attended a CPE presentation Don did for a large group of CPAs. The entire room was full of energy and Don had them on the edge of their seats. Don has a skill set that combines analytics with passion in such a way that makes his presentations awesome.”

Kim Comer

Regional VP, Bluerock Capital Management, LLC